In my previous article, I had published about the Binary Search Algorithm. The main problem and hurdle in Binary Search Algorithm was it required a sorted list.

What is a sorted and unsorted List/Array ?

Sorted Array/List is an array Data Structure or List Data Structure which stores the elements in either Numerical, Alphabetical or some other order and placed at equally spaced addresses in computer memory addresses.

Unsorted Array/List like the name suggests is not sorted and does not store the elements in any order.

What is a Bubble Sort Algorithm?

Bubble Sort Algorithm is an algorithm that is used to sort an unsorted List/Array. Bubble sort is probably the fastest sort available…

A few months back ago I was interviewing for the position of Software Engineer in a reputed MNC. The day before the interview I concentrated on the important topics required for the interviews through multiple websites. However, what I failed to understand was that the most basic and most fundamental pillar is not the coding itself, it is

  • How does the code and functions work?
  • Which Algorithm is optimal to use?
  • What are Data Structures and how to use them efficiently.

Unfortunately, I was rejected due to failure to attempt multiple questions from DSA. That was the day when I…

Yatin Pandit

Hi! I am working as Sr. Software Engineer in IOT Sector. I have 5+ yrs experience in Python, node, IOT, C, C++ & Java. Lets catch up to know each other!

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